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Among the more stimulating blogs occupying my RSS reader is Kevin Kelly‘s KK Lifestream. One specific post a couple of weeks ago — Maximize the opportunities of others — really got me thinking about how I might solve the “reinventing Mike” challenge, particularly this (abridged) aspect: In every aspect of your business (and personal life) […]

Every day, the argument over how best to power the U.S. economy while minimizing environmental damage, economic burden and dependence on hostile energy sources rages in the blogosphere and specialized media.  All bear at least some evidence of the authors’ interest in protecting one sacred cow or another. Some tout the political advantage of making […]

For some time now (much longer than I’ve been following the space, I’m sure), the tech blogosphere has been vibrating with a really robust debate about the proper role of intellectual property protection in the age of “infinite goods” on the Internet. At the risk of gross oversimplification (and irritating the hell out of the […]

According to an article by Russell Gold in the August 12 Wall Street Journal online, a major environmental threat may be getting some help — not from passionate enviro activists, but from entrepreneurial capitalists who see it as a potential solution for another environmental threat.  Here’s the lead from this “two-fer” story: “Every spring, fertilizer […]

I know I’ve gone dark for a couple of weeks since my return from Silicon Valley.  Suzi and I have been absorbed by due diligence for an investment that we’ve now decided to go forward with.  More on that in a later post. We’ve also been thinking through Suzi’s new consultancy. It’s based on her […]

This article, by FastCompany staff writer Douglas Rushkoff, appeared in the July 10 issue of  It offers one of the most unique — and, perhaps, controversial — views I’ve encountered regarding our current economic difficulties. In essence, Rushkoff argues that after the dot-bust, there was nowhere for all the Fed-created bank money to go, […]

More from Booz & Company’s strategy+business: “Companies that are not in financial services are sitting on as much as US$950 billion of excess working capital on their balance sheets, untapped and wasted, according to a Booz & Company analysis of North American stock exchange–listed businesses with annual revenue of more than $1 billion. All this […]