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Catching up on some neglected categories in my RSS reader last night I came across this August 17 Techdirt post by Michael Masnick.  It’s written about the newspaper industry, but it immediately brought to mind widespread behaviors and attitudes I observed in my former domain, law firms.  (I suspect it would be equally applicable to […]

Those who have been following this blog since I fired myself from the lawyer training biz to seek out my next big thing may recall that my expectation was that, by following the conversations in a handful of industries undergoing transformational change, I would spot a high-impact problem I could solve (in the parlance of […]

I’m writing this in real time on Virgin flight 901, while traveling from LAS-SFO for the Real Time Stream CrunchUp & August Capital Party. How civilized. Now, compare that with the silly lie the airlines have been spouting forever, i.e., that no electronic stuff can be on during flight.  I’m not an engineer; nor have […]

Suzi and I have been in the Chicago area since last Tuesday to help one of our partners in a financial venture who is experiencing some serious health problems. Since the hospitalized partner was our primary wizard practitioner, we’ve been scrambling to catch up on the operational particulars and figure out how we can help. […]

When I announced yesterday that I was leaving the industry that had hosted me for 18 years, many friends naturally asked what I was going to do next.  Judging from the pregnant pause before they continued, I’m pretty sure that, “I have no idea” was not what they expected to hear.  In our culture, particularly […]

If you subscribe to the weekly ResultsMail sales tip, you already read this in my final post there Tuesday, June 16.  If not, please continue… They say that people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  For some lawyers, my arrival was for a brief reason; for others, a much […]