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We’ve come full circle, i.e., back to the law biz, although in a completely different way. Last June I had grown terminally stale with the lawyer training business, so I fired myself and set out to identify a new challenge/opportunity. My strategy was to insert myself into a vibrant idea stream and see which ones […]

For some time now (much longer than I’ve been following the space, I’m sure), the tech blogosphere has been vibrating with a really robust debate about the proper role of intellectual property protection in the age of “infinite goods” on the Internet. At the risk of gross oversimplification (and irritating the hell out of the […]

This article, by FastCompany staff writer Douglas Rushkoff, appeared in the July 10 issue of  It offers one of the most unique — and, perhaps, controversial — views I’ve encountered regarding our current economic difficulties. In essence, Rushkoff argues that after the dot-bust, there was nowhere for all the Fed-created bank money to go, […]

The Summer issue of strategy+business, the consistently excellent publication of global consulting company Booz & Company, features an interview with thought leader, entrepreneur and investor Esther Dyson.  This “long-standing champion of high-tech innovation foresees a fundamental shift toward more transparent institutions and a more relationship-driven economy.” This lengthy interview covers a wide array of topics, […]