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I’ve been dark on this blog since mid-September, which is kind of embarrassing, but it’s been for the best. Of necessity, my investigation of opportunities in industries transforming as a result of the seismic macro-economic shift is on hold for the rest of the year. I have a real live project to absorb my energies, […]

Among the more stimulating blogs occupying my RSS reader is Kevin Kelly‘s KK Lifestream. One specific post a couple of weeks ago — Maximize the opportunities of others — really got me thinking about how I might solve the “reinventing Mike” challenge, particularly this (abridged) aspect: In every aspect of your business (and personal life) […]

I’ll admit that when Suzi first said we were going to see Charo at the Riviera tonight, I flashed back to my parents’ living room, recalling her doing her “cuchi-cuchi!” routine on TV. She opened her show with the flamboyancy that has long been her trademark, and while that’s not really my cup of tea, […]

I know I’ve gone dark for a couple of weeks since my return from Silicon Valley.  Suzi and I have been absorbed by due diligence for an investment that we’ve now decided to go forward with.  More on that in a later post. We’ve also been thinking through Suzi’s new consultancy. It’s based on her […]

Hugh Macleod is a very wise, irreverent, witty guy who draws cartoons on the back of business cards.  That’s odd enough, but the wisdom part always breaks through the funny part. I’m now reading his book, “Ignore Everyone.”  The title refers to his advice to have something creative that you own alone.  Here’s an early […]