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I’ve been dark on this blog since mid-September, which is kind of embarrassing, but it’s been for the best. Of necessity, my investigation of opportunities in industries transforming as a result of the seismic macro-economic shift is on hold for the rest of the year. I have a real live project to absorb my energies, […]

Every day, the argument over how best to power the U.S. economy while minimizing environmental damage, economic burden and dependence on hostile energy sources rages in the blogosphere and specialized media.  All bear at least some evidence of the authors’ interest in protecting one sacred cow or another. Some tout the political advantage of making […]

I’ve only been following the EV space for a couple of months, but sporadic announcements had already given me a sense that, despite the growing economic and political significance of environmental issues, with the exception of the much-heralded press darling, Tesla, the popular press was largely ignoring the state of progress on this important front. […]

According to an article by Russell Gold in the August 12 Wall Street Journal online, a major environmental threat may be getting some help — not from passionate enviro activists, but from entrepreneurial capitalists who see it as a potential solution for another environmental threat.  Here’s the lead from this “two-fer” story: “Every spring, fertilizer […]

Thirty years after Three Mile Island, and a few more than 20 after Chernobyl, we as a nation we remain trapped in a no-nukes-nohow malaise that precludes rational discussion of this energy source. I am neither an energy expert nor a physicist, merely an occupant of the planet wondering why, in the face of proven […]