A fun, “green” business for me to focus on


I’ve been dark on this blog since mid-September, which is kind of embarrassing, but it’s been for the best.

Of necessity, my investigation of opportunities in industries transforming as a result of the seismic macro-economic shift is on hold for the rest of the year. I have a real live project to absorb my energies, and one in which we have a very real, and sizable, stake.

Many of you, noticing my pronounced orientation toward — not just on this blog but in my Tweets and Facebook posts — and knowing what a car junkie I’ve always been, have encouraged me to focus on the emerging EV industry. I’ll grant that I find that absolutely fascinating, but hadn’t yet found the right spot to apply my skills and interests.

Perhaps I now have, albeit on a much smaller scale. In this case, literally.

Suzi and I invested in an indoor electric go-kart track now under construction in Highlands Ranch, an affluent Denver suburb. Speed Raceway, as it’s to be called, will be the first green racetrack in the U.S. We’re pursuing for our build-out, and will use sustainable processes and materials throughout.

If your last ride in a go-kart was as a kid at the county fair, or even if you’ve been on one of the more modern gas go-karts, you’re in for a huge surprise — and an even bigger grin — when you ride electric karts. The typical gas go-kart, once it builds up RPMs and gets up to speed (no minor item for a full-size adult) goes about 12 mph. Our electric karts go 45 mph, immediately. You know when you turn on an electric bench motor? There’s no warmup; it’s instantly on, at full power. Same with these karts. You mash down the pedal and you’re flying — silently, cleanly, safely, with no noxious exhaust fumes.

We have big plans for a unique customer experience, too, that I’ll get into more as things unfold. But here’s one example you can chew on now (pun intended): The food at our concession will not be the typical junk food served at entertainment venues, but tasty, healthy and, in many cases, organic.

For now, I’m just happy for the opportunity to get serious about the smile-delivery business.


3 Responses to “A fun, “green” business for me to focus on”

  1. 1 a_fuqua

    Good and Great luck with this.
    locally (Dallas), there is a place called Top Golf which is going great guns with top food/drink around a double decker golf range which uses smart balls to identify every ball hit into various large (10ft in diameter), dartboard like holes. Allows anyone at any level to enjoy scoring and competing . . . and did I mention they bring you beer right to you?
    Your description of a great experience (sans beer) sounds similar.
    We’re rooting for you guys.

  2. 2 Mike O'Horo

    First we have to prove that we can deliver our pro forma numbers, but then I suspect we’ll be looking to ramp things up. Can’t say more now, but stay tuned.

  3. Great fun, fantastic activity and opportunity to also demo the performance ability of electric cars. I imagine you two will own a dealership of such vehicles soon enough as well! Let us know if there is room for more funding, InvestmentClubbing.com may be able to assist.

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