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Catching up on some neglected categories in my RSS reader last night I came across this August 17 Techdirt post by Michael Masnick.  It’s written about the newspaper industry, but it immediately brought to mind widespread behaviors and attitudes I observed in my former domain, law firms.  (I suspect it would be equally applicable to […]

I’ve only been following the EV space for a couple of months, but sporadic announcements had already given me a sense that, despite the growing economic and political significance of environmental issues, with the exception of the much-heralded press darling, Tesla, the popular press was largely ignoring the state of progress on this important front. […]

For some time now (much longer than I’ve been following the space, I’m sure), the tech blogosphere has been vibrating with a really robust debate about the proper role of intellectual property protection in the age of “infinite goods” on the Internet. At the risk of gross oversimplification (and irritating the hell out of the […]

Those who have been following this blog since I fired myself from the lawyer training biz to seek out my next big thing may recall that my expectation was that, by following the conversations in a handful of industries undergoing transformational change, I would spot a high-impact problem I could solve (in the parlance of […]

I’ll admit that when Suzi first said we were going to see Charo at the Riviera tonight, I flashed back to my parents’ living room, recalling her doing her “cuchi-cuchi!” routine on TV. She opened her show with the flamboyancy that has long been her trademark, and while that’s not really my cup of tea, […]

According to an article by Russell Gold in the August 12 Wall Street Journal online, a major environmental threat may be getting some help — not from passionate enviro activists, but from entrepreneurial capitalists who see it as a potential solution for another environmental threat.  Here’s the lead from this “two-fer” story: “Every spring, fertilizer […]

I’ve been reading a lot lately about crowd-sourcing which according to Wikipedia, is “a neologism for the act of taking a task traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people or community in the form of an open call…The term has become popular…as shorthand for […]