One Era Ends, Another Begins: Goodbye to the Law Biz


If you subscribe to the weekly ResultsMail sales tip, you already read this in my final post there Tuesday, June 16.  If not, please continue…

They say that people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  For some lawyers, my arrival was for a brief reason; for others, a much longer season.  A few may be with me for a lifetime.

Nothing in the business world, however, lasts forever, at least in the same form.  So it is that, after 18 years, during which I’ve had the privilege to coach some of the smartest and most interesting people extant, it’s time for me to hang up my coaching headset and move on to another phase of my professional life.

The firms with whom I’ve worked have been generous and gracious hosts, doing everything they could to make business travel as painless as possible for me.  They have housed me in nice hotels, gotten me tables at can’t-touch restaurants, arranged choice seats for playoff games, invited me into their homes, and occasionally visited mine.

Lawyers have reinforced and rewarded my longstanding appreciation for precise language, and have introduced me to any number of fascinating topics to which I would likely never have been exposed otherwise.  Most importantly, you trusted me with the critical business-acquisition component of your professional success.

I’m fortunate to count as close friends a number of the lawyers, in-house marketers and external consultants whose lives I passed through.  Whenever I asked for help or even mentioned something I was trying to do, so many immediately offered whatever I needed.

I walk away not knowing what I will do next, but knowing that it is time for me to make answering that question my full-time job.  I’m more than ready for a new challenge, excited about the opportunity inherent in the fundamental transformation of so many industries today, excited about investigating to see where the optimal opportunity for me will prove to be and, ultimately, eager to innovate again.

I hope that I will be able to count on your help once again as I navigate this journey.  If you’d like to follow along, please subscribe to this blog.

I anticipate turning over some very interesting rocks, some of which you may wish to know about for your own purposes.  If you think of contacts, info sources, organizations, etc., that can help me advance toward clarity, I’ll appreciate you dropping me a note.

I’m particularly grateful that, for the past five years of this run, I have had my friend of 28 years, Pat Sweeney, at my side.  His integrity, intelligence, wisdom, energy, warmth, hilarity and irreverence have enriched me (and made me look good to our clients).  Next week, his final ResultsMail post will offer his reflections.

Finally, I would be beyond remiss if I didn’t recognize the invaluable contribution of our ResultsMail editor, Doug Stern, who managed to make our ideas consistently cogent, succinct and readable every week for the past three years – and kept them within our 300-word limit.  I always thought I was a good writer; Doug is lots better, which means that after he does his magic with your draft, to your audience you’ll look like you’re as good as he is.  I recommend him to you without reservation.

Thank you all for a very gratifying 18 years, and for the friendships and the fond memories that go with them.  Here’s hoping that circumstances permit some of you to join me for the next go-round, whatever that turns out to be.  Meanwhile, if you’re in Las Vegas, please get in touch.

With that, au revoir.

The Coach,
Mike O’Horo



One Response to “One Era Ends, Another Begins: Goodbye to the Law Biz”

  1. Mike is very kind and generous with the credit he’s given me. I’m sure he won’t mind another “thank you” along with a posting of my contact info: or 502-599-6624. More about me and my work at


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