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Hugh Macleod is a very wise, irreverent, witty guy who draws cartoons on the back of business cards.  That’s odd enough, but the wisdom part always breaks through the funny part. I’m now reading his book, “Ignore Everyone.”  The title refers to his advice to have something creative that you own alone.  Here’s an early […]

Suzi and I have been in the Chicago area since last Tuesday to help one of our partners in a financial venture who is experiencing some serious health problems. Since the hospitalized partner was our primary wizard practitioner, we’ve been scrambling to catch up on the operational particulars and figure out how we can help. […]

SEMA responses


Thanks to the many of you who responded with help getting me into this auto industry event. I’m very gratified at the level of support.  If any of you will be in Las Vegas in November for this event, please let me know and I’ll arrange to thank you properly in person.

If you’re in the car biz, or know anyone who is, maybe you can help me. I’d like to go to this automotive after-market exposition, Nov 3-6, here in my backyard, Las Vegas.  The snag:  It’s not open to the general public.  Any suggestions or help appreciated.  Thanks.

Thirty years after Three Mile Island, and a few more than 20 after Chernobyl, we as a nation we remain trapped in a no-nukes-nohow malaise that precludes rational discussion of this energy source. I am neither an energy expert nor a physicist, merely an occupant of the planet wondering why, in the face of proven […]

While the automotive news, at least as reported in the mainstream press, is all about bankruptcy, bailout, dealer closings and other bad news, there is evidence of rebirth even before those complicated puzzles get resolved. According to AutoBlog, a new car company, V-Vehicle Co., based in San Diego and backed by T. Boone Pickens, among […]

When I announced yesterday that I was leaving the industry that had hosted me for 18 years, many friends naturally asked what I was going to do next.  Judging from the pregnant pause before they continued, I’m pretty sure that, “I have no idea” was not what they expected to hear.  In our culture, particularly […]